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Our online research solution helps guide your most important decisions with data driven customer insights:


Customer Profiling

Know your customers better than they know themselves. Receive reports on demographics, shopping patterns, media consumption and much more.


Trade Area Analysis

Get to know the neighbourhood for your new location. Designate flexible trade areas by drive time, or with custom circles or polygons on our digital maps.


Points of Interest (POI) Analysis

Keep your friends close and your competitors closer. Analyze nearby competitors and discover market insights your rivals might miss.



Visualize your success with our heatmaps and gain spatial insight into customer patterns, demographic profiles and potential business locations.


Targeting Top Prospects

Don’t settle. We help you maximize your ROI and target customers and prospects.


Data Mining

Stay on trend, by analyzing data for potential movements. Integrate our reports with your customer information to develop new business acquisition and retention strategies.

Gravity Model used for determining trade area size according to customer locations

Gravity Model

The Gravity Model identifies primary, secondary and tertiary trade areas of a store or a list of stores, based on a customer list and shortest distance to the stores.

Feature Selection for finding the most distinct characteristics of customers or trade areas

Feature Selection

Feature Selection is a model for finding the most distinct characteristics of customers or trade areas. 

Customer allocation

Customer Allocation

Customer Allocation assigns a list of customers to stores, based on the assumption that consumers shop most likely at the closest store in geographic distance or shortest driving time.


Trend Analysis

Examine historical trends while enhancing your ability to predict future trends using historical data from 2016 to current year across our 23 demographic reports, 3 household spending reports, 2 CanaCode Lifestyle reports, and 80+ consumer behaviour reports.


Analytical Models

Analytical Models is an implementation of models used in custom projects for trade area and customer insight analysis. 


Weather Analysis

Tap into historical, present and forecasted weather data for any market. Use weather patterns to better understand how the weather contributed to the performance of your marketing campaigns and sales. 


Enhance your Marketing ROI by layering Polaris Modules with our Mapping Centre

Layer multiple mapping functions together to determine highly concentrated customer areas paired with geographic segmentation by income to target your ideal customer more specifically and improve your overall marketing ROI.

Think You Really Know Your Customers?

Polaris Intelligence data insights help you learn your market’s spending habits and media engagement, so you can develop personalized, targeted campaigns and build stronger customer relationships.

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    Single Male in Management in Vancouver

    Age: 35-49

    Average Household Income: $ 110,245

    Average Home Value: $ 1,505,889

    Lifestyle Type: Elite Professionals

    Vehicle: Sports car and SUV

    Active In: Health clubs, snowboarding

    Spends Money On: Cross border shopping

    Favourite Coffee Shop: Starbucks

    Favourite Social Network: LinkedIn

    Psychographics/ Health Concerns: Nutrition content of food

    Invests With: Full service investment broker

  • senior-couple-from-halifax

    Married Seniors in Halifax

    Age: 65-79

    Average Household Income: $ 100,983

    Average Home Value: $ 336,406

    Lifestyle Type: Empty Nesters

    Vehicle:  Sedan and pickup truck

    Active In:  Whale watching, walking

    Spends Money On: Garden supplies, hair salons

    Favourite Coffee Shop: Tim Hortons

    Favourite Social Network:  Pinterest

    Psychographics/ Health Concerns: Buy local produce/products

    Invests With: Bank

  • married-couple-with-childer-from-toronto

    Married with Children in Toronto

    Age: 35-49

    Average Household Income: $ 124,982

    Average Home Value: $ 987,545

    Lifestyle Type: Buy Me a New Home

    Vehicle: Minivan and station wagon

    Active In: Jogging and yoga

    Spends Money On: Groceries and online shopping

    Favourite Coffee Shop: Tim Hortons

    Favourite Social Network: Instagram

    Psychographics/ Health Concerns: Weight conscious

    Invests With: Financial planner


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