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About Us

Polaris Intelligence is our innovative and easy to use online application designed to give you the market insights your team needs to answer your most important questions. Our online research solution connects your business with strategic consumer data, spatial and analytical intelligence. 

Our dynamic reporting tools let you dive deep, slicing and dicing market reports and consumer data and turning those insights into action with a better understanding of your customers, market conditions, competitive activities, and promotional trends. From in-depth demographics and lifestyle reports to consumer behavior and product usage data, Polaris empowers you to tap into the key insights and competitive intelligence that helps your business grow and prosper.

Our Team

  • Zhen Mei


  • Michelle Fernandes

    Senior VP of Sales

  • Jenny Bai

    Director of Data Products

  • Nikoo Eskandari

    Software Developer

  • Mehrnoush Divsalar

    Software Engineer

  • Lin Xue

    Senior GIS Analyst

  • June Tong

    Data Scientist

  • Thomas Ding

    Senior Statistician

  • Ted Hains

    Vice President of Public Health

  • Joseph Zhao

    Senior GIS System Integrator

  • Andrew Zuo

    Software Developer

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Real Estate

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