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Last Chance for Retail Conference Early-Bird Tickets

DX3 is Canada’s biggest retail, marketing, and technology event. 2020’s conference will be held on March 10 and 11 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We will be exhibiting at booth #115, and we hope to see you there! They will be extending early-bird pricing by 1 week. DX3 is also providing 25 free Full-Access tickets to charities! Send them an email at info@dx3canada.com […]

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Release Notes Jan 20, 2020

In the latest release, we added functionality to the Data Mining module, improved stability across the platform, and enhanced the ability to save and load maps. We created a simple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. We connected the Data Mining module to the Polaris database, which means users can now save files on the cloud and work on them later. We enhanced the stability and performance of the Map Layers tab. We added tabs to the Data Mining module to make it a little more user-friendly. […]

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Toronto Star Supermarket Preview

How Does a Store Choose Where to Open a New Location?

It’s not easy to choose where to open a new retail location, let alone a new supermarket. This article from the Toronto Star covers the closing of T & T’s Cherry Street location as well as some considerations retailers, especially sophisticated retailers like Longo’s, make when they evaluate new locations. Polaris Intelligence is perfect for this kind of use case. Strategists can use Polaris to evaluate neighbourhood demographics […]

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Insight, Plain Sight, Out of Sight

The Economist recently wrote that ‘The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.’ They both begin in a crude state and need to be refined into something useful. Ken discussed the challenges we face in trying to discover the insights for our business in today’s unique market where the competition is in plain sight, but the way retail is engaging customers is often out of site, which brings us back to why getting to insight is more important than ever, and it all starts with data. […]

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Foundations of Cannabis

We love sharing what we’re doing, whether it’s data analytics, big data, or drawing customer insight. Last week, our Senior VP of Sales, Michelle Fernandes presented at the Foundations of Cannabis event with Tweed and Canopy. We talked about some profiles of demographic and geo-demographic variables for recreational and medicinal cannabis users with postal code level data. We compared usage patterns for different lifestyle clusters to benchmarks such as the Toronto average […]

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Be Human: The Journey to Capture and Codify the Human Emotions

Behavioral data has long been the staple ingredient of big data analytics. With it, most organizations can get a sense for who does what, when, how, and where. But the question of “why” a person does something, and perhaps more importantly, whether they will do it again is often more difficult for companies to understand and predict. Today, leading companies are exploring new approaches to better understand […]

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Release Notes Dec 15, 2019

Santa’s elves have been hard at work fixing some issues and adding a couple exciting new features. For example, the “Pre-defined Markets” tab has been added to the Mapping Centre. This lets you load up these markets on the map and compare them to your custom trade areas. We added the ability to save and load map layers and combinations, including Heat Map layers and POI Maps. This means you can save a map that has multiple trade areas, a Heat Map, and Points of Interest, and reload that map. […]

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Data and AI Marketing Conference

We presented and had a booth at the Data and AI Marketing conference. We co-presented with Outfront Media about finding and reaching specific audiences with a small budget, showing many data visualizations including heat maps, lift charts, and geo-fences. We also co-presented with Pat Pellegrini, the CEO of Vividata on cannabis usage. Vividata’s robust surveys show that social acceptability for Cannabis usage has not changed meaningfully since legalization. […]

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Vividata and Polaris

Vividata Partnership for New Analytics Capabilities

Vividata, Canada’s leader in consumer and cross media research, and Manifold Data Mining have partnered to deliver market insights within Manifold’s newly updated Polaris Intelligence platform. Applying collaborative filtering and supervised deep learning techniques to Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) and Consumer Cannabis Study, Manifold has extrapolated the survey to the 6-digit postal code level. […]

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Publication in Data Mining Journal

We use cutting-edge analytics and technology, and work with leading researchers in Big Data and Data Science. We published a paper in Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining with York University on using a recommendation system in a novel way. Recommendation systems have been used for job sites and Facebook’s recommended friends system, but have primarily been used in ecommerce and news. This paper looks at recommender systems in healthcare. […]

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