Release Notes Apr 13, 2020

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Release Notes Apr 13, 2020 FSA Trade Areas, Granular Labour Force Reports, Faster Performance

  • Our latest release includes a little bit of everything! New features, new data, faster performance, and bug fixes.
  • New ways to define Trade Areas. Users can now define trade areas by uploading a list of FSAs (first 3 digits of the postal code). To take advantage of this feature, upload a Trade Area File as a Point-Based Trade Area and select Forward Sortation Area (FSA) as the Geography Level.

  • New Reports! We’ve added a couple new selections for report types: Household Spending by Major Group, Labour Force by 4-Digit NAICS code, Occupation by 4-digit NOCS code. Labour Force 4-Digit consists of 400+ categories of labour force, based on the 4-digit NAICS Codes ranging from Aquaculture Production (1225) to Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing (3212). Occupation 4-Digit consists of nearly 700 categories of occupations, ranging from Aircraft Assemblers (9521) to Senior Managers in Finance and Business (0013).

  • File not found. We made some improvements in uploading files.


  • We fixed some issues that caused POI layers to be deleted or prevented POI layers from showing up.


  • In the Data Mining module, we improved exporting and some other small components.


  • No search results? We’ve enhanced the searching in Customize My Report and Targeting.


  • Some small issues in Targeting and Gravity Model have been resolved.


  • We improved our Saved Maps to work better with POI-Subscribed Filtered Layers.


  • Hide and Seek. We solved some issues with Trade areas resulting in invisible circles.


  • Users can now share Zone files with members of their own groups!


  • We’ve been diligent in fixing typos across the platform.


  • We improved performance speeds by creating separate cache tables for reports for each user.


  • We improved performance speeds by identifying temporary tables for each module that can be deleted more frequently.