Insight, Plain Sight, Out of Sight

Longo's Intro slide for their presentation on how they use Manifold Data Mining for data analytics

Insight, Plain Sight, Out of Sight Conference on Big Data and Information Analytics


We invited a sophisticated, well-esteemed partner, Longo’s, to share their experiences at the Conference on Big Data and Information Analytics at the Fields Institute at the University of Toronto.

Longo’s is an independent, family-owned grocer with many locations across Ontario that has long known the value of data for growing their business. As a grocery retailer in a highly competitive field, they rely on effective data analytics to increase their understanding of their customer’s needs giving them a competitive advantage. In this talk, Ken Kuschei describes how Longo’s draws insight from many sources of data, transactional, loyalty, gift cards, panel, demographics, social media, other media habits, call centre, lifestyle, geo-spatial, religion, and 3rd party data. Some of these crucial insights drawn from customer profiling, customer segmentation, and consumer behaviour analysis include determining when grocery purchase patterns are about to change, which is critical for a high-value grocery retailer like Longo’s. Insights can also be drawn for location intelligence, trade area analysis, targeting, strategic planning, and prospecting. This talk also briefly outlines how Longo’s draws insight from things in Plain Sight, publicly available knowledge, such as flyers and coupons on apps. Lastly, it covers the use of Out of Sight actions, e.g. personalized emails, newsletters, and personalized ads from competitors to customers that a company like Longo’s cannot see.

If you have any questions about anything in Ken’s talk, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, if you would like to be invited to next year’s Conference on Big Data and Information Analytics or would like to present a session at the conference, please let us know.


You can watch the video here