FT: Outdoor Advertising Spending Surpassing Newspaper Ad Sales Globally in 2020

FT: Outdoor Advertising Spending Surpassing Newspaper Ad Spending Globally in 2020

As reported by the Financial Times [paywall], spending on out-of-home advertising is the only traditional media that continues to grow while others are declining and being replaced by online advertising.

What is out of home? Out of home refers to billboards, outdoor posters, street furniture (e.g. bus stops), airports, truck ads, and restaurant restrooms. Outdoor advertising as a category has grown between 2.5% and 4% annually. Billboards and bus shelter ads have been holding up while digital out of home (DOOH) has seen meteoric growth, particularly with location data on mobile phones. Advertisers can now change within minutes or hours instead of weeks or months for physical posters. DOOH is huge in big cities and airports, and Apple and Netflix have been some of the largest outdoor advertisers.

Clear Channel describes outdoor Media as the “last true mass-reach medium”. TV audiences are fragmenting with the proliferation of streaming services (Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO GO and all the others), and radio fragmented much earlier with satellite radio and streaming services.

We have significant experience in the outdoor space and work with close partners for outdoor advertising and advertising using mobile location data. Clients have used us for services ranging from finding which billboard locations to choose based on your target customer personas, to measuring effectiveness (i.e. which clusters or segments of people actually pass by the ad), to assessing whether people go into stores after seeing the ad.

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