Why data is essential in reaching your demographic on social media

The world of marketing has changed with social media. Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users as of 2Q2022. How do you effectively target these users and optimize your marketing efforts? Walk through a real-life case study using Manifold’s data and the Polaris web app to drastically improve the results of a company’s social media marketing campaigns. […]

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FT: Outdoor Advertising Spending Surpassing Newspaper Ad Sales Globally in 2020

Impressions received by outdoor advertising at Yonge and Dundas

As reported by the Financial Times [paywall], spending on out-of-home advertising is the only traditional media that continues to grow while others are declining and being replaced by online advertising.
What is out of home? Out of home refers to billboards, outdoor posters, street furniture (e.g. bus stops), airports, truck ads, and restrooms. Outdoor advertising as a category has grown […]

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Why do so many corporations use Canada as a test market?

Toronto city transit, buildings, and people who serve as a global test market due to the diversity of residents

As McDonald’s starts selling Beyond Meat sandwiches in Canada, we are reminded of all the ways that Canada, and in particular, markets like London Ontario, serves as a test market for global corporations. In recent years, Ikea’s pick-up warehouses, Lululemon’s loyalty program, Facebook Dating, Twitter modifications, and in the early 2000s, McDonald’s Chicken Nugget and Swiffer’s Wet Jet, have all been tested in Canada before being […]

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