Release Notes May 4, 2020

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Release Notes May 4, 2020 Mapping Centre, Trade Areas, POIs, sharing custom reports, and Data Mining.

  • The Mapping Centre, Trade Areas, POIs, sharing custom reports, and Data Mining saw a number of improvements this release.
  • In the Mapping Centre, you can now save a picture of your map as a PNG through our new download map feature!

  • When creating trade areas, you can now use latitude and longitude instead of postal code to define the centre or other points!

  • All of your customized reports you make can now be shared with people in your group with the click of a button!

  • For uploaded POI files, you can now choose to “Display all labels” to add labels from your POI file onto the map!

  • The Data Mining module got lots of love this release with many issues being fixed.
    • The spinner would spin infinitely when making a Cluster ID
    • Filtering had repeating variables
    • There were some issues selecting clusters to export
    • We improved some wording in the pop-ups
    • Improved the numbering format to make it easier on the eyes.
    • We made a couple improvements to graphing.


  • Bug fixes:
  • Some minor improvements were made to both displaying and downloading your reports.
  • Trade area reports will no longer incorrectly come up as N/A.
  • Fixed a bug in targeting markets resulting in error.
  • Some truncated names of predefined markets were fixed.
  • Point based files are now implemented more efficiently throughout Polaris.
  • In the POI module, within the subscribed tab, we fixed a bug related to displaying points in Yukon Territory.
  • We fixed issues with naming and changing pins in POI.
  • Fixed an issue preventing sharing with some group members.


Our Rel8ed POI data has been updated to a newer version.