Data and AI Marketing Conference

Data and AI Marketing Conference Co-presentations with Outfront Media and Vividata

We presented and had a booth at the Data and AI Marketing conference. We co-presented with Outfront Media about finding and reaching specific audiences with a small budget, showing many data visualizations including heat maps, lift charts, and geo-fences. They used the targeting module to find the best places (defined as postal codes) and times to advertise, thus optimizing the impact of their media buying. We also co-presented with Pat Pellegrini, the CEO of Vividata on cannabis usage. Vividata’s robust surveys show that social acceptability for Cannabis usage has not changed meaningfully since legalization. We showed that among lifestyle clusters, Affluents and High Trades vaped for recreational purposes much more than the benchmark, while Ethnic Cruisers liked to use cannabis edibles for both recreational and medical usage. The Buy Me a New Home cluster also used a lot of cannabis. Lastly, we did some location analytics on the spot for some existing cannabis dispensaries.

Polaris's Booth at Data & AI Conference
Polaris’s Booth at Data & AI Conference