Release Notes August 12, 2022

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Release Notes August 12, 2022 Mapping Centre, Profiling Centre, User Experience Improvements

Happy August! This release, we are excited to introduce many changes that make using Polaris an even smoother experience. We have migrated to a new database, improving the speed of processes across Polaris. Furthermore, users can now change the color of Trade Areas in the Mapping Centre. These are only a few of the many enhancements for this release, so be sure to check out the rest below! If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let us know!


New Features

  • Mapping Centre
    • You can now change the colors of Trade Areas in the Mapping Centre! This includes Trade Areas from Trade Area Files, manually created Trade Areas, and combined Trade Areas! For Trade Areas with multiple levels such as Triple Circle, Concentric Circle, and Driving Time Trade Areas, the color of each level can be modified individually. To change the color of a Trade Area, all you have to do is right click on the Trade Area on the map!

    • You can now hide all Trade Areas on the map! To do this, click the eye icon button next to the “Actions” header under the Trade Area tab in the Mapping Centre.

    • You can now see the Land Area of all Trade Areas in the Mapping Centre! This includes Trade Areas from Trade Area Files, manually created Trade Areas, combined Trade Areas, and Pre-defined Markets!

  • Profiling Centre
    • You can now use arrow buttons to set the primary profile for the Summary Report! To do this, simply move the desired primary profile to the top using the arrow buttons. The arrow buttons can also be used to change the order of the bars in the bar graph. If you prefer, you can still right click on the profile to set it as the primary one like before.

    • Reports with indexes now have a legend! To see the legend, scroll down to the bottom of the report.



  • Migrated to New Database
    • We have migrated to a new database, which means that the processes across Polaris will now be faster!
  • Loading
    • We know that loading times for certain processes such as creating a score in Targeting may be a bit long, so we added a progress bar to let you know how the loading is going! You can now cancel the loading process as well.

  • Upload Files
    • To help you better keep track of the files you upload, uploaded files now include the specific time of upload in addition to the date.

  • Customer Profiling
    • We reformatted the header of reports for Customer Maps to improve clarity.

Have any questions about our new features? Want to learn more about Polaris and how we can help your business? Please do not hesitate to contact us at this link!