Release Notes June 10, 2022

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Release Notes June 10, 2022 Trend Analysis for Consumer Behaviour, Targeting, Custom Thematic Maps

With summer right around the corner, we are excited to introduce multiple new features in Polaris! This release, we made updates to the Trend Analysis, Targeting, and Mapping Centre modules that allow you to analyze data even more thoroughly. As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please be sure to let us know!


New Features

  • Trend Analysis
    • We integrated over 90 new reports to the Trend Analysis module that was introduced in the last release! You can now access historical reports on CanaCode Lifestyle Clusters, Household Spending, Wealth and Assets, and a variety of Numeris/Vividata Consumer Behaviour reports.

June 2022 Release Trend Analysis. Over 90 new reports added to Trend Analysis including Wealth and Assets, Numeris/Vividata Consumer Behaviour, Household Spending, CanaCode Lifestyle Clusters, etc.

  • Targeting
    • You can now create and edit markets from your trade area files. To edit a market, navigate to the Targeting module, select “View Markets” under Targeting Actions on the left, then select Edit under “Actions” on the right.

June 2022 Release Targeting. Create Markets Using Trade Area Files

    • The default for our Targeting module is to calculate the score based on the average of all postal codes in the market you choose. If you want to weight your scores by a different or broader market, you can now weight your scores by any benchmark you choose!

June 2022 Release Targeting. Weight Scores by Benchmark

    • Want to make sure you are reaching more than one household or more than a certain number of people? Under Target Selection, you can now filter your top prospects by Total Population and Total Dwellings.

June 2022 Release Targeting. Filter By Population, or Dwellings

  • Mapping Centre
    • Custom Shape files can now be uploaded as Thematic Maps (i.e. if you defined your own boundaries for a map, those thematic maps may be visualized now too!)

June 2022 Release Thematic Maps Custom Shapes

  • Zone Files
    • Zone Files are used in the Targeting Module. Dissemination (DA), Forward Sortation Area (FSA), and Custom Shape files can now be uploaded as Zone Files. You can upload them through the Upload Files page or through creating a New Market in the Targeting module

June 2022 Release New User Manual

  • User Manual
    • With all these new features, we updated our User Manual. Find it by clicking on your user icon in the top-right corner, then clicking on the “User Manual” button.

June 2022 Release New User Manual

Have any questions about our new features? Want to learn more about Polaris and how we can help your business? Do not hesitate to Contact Us!