Release Notes November 5, 2021

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Release Notes November 5, 2021 New features, enhancements, and an improved user experience

November’s release showcases several new convenient, useful features as well as multiple enhancements to continue improving the Polaris user experience. In the Targeting module, “Click to select” has replaced checkboxes on the View Target Project page, as well as the ability to keep previously selected variables after switching years in Targeting, along with further improvements. Additionally, several messages in Polaris have been revised, and the Search function in Targeting, Compare Catchments and Mapping Centre modules has been improved, among other enhancements. This makes finding exactly what you need simple.

New Features!

  • View Target Projects page given new features:
    • Checkboxes from this page have been replaced with the ability to click and select multiple entries.
    • Likewise, the use of Shift + click to select multiple Target Projects with only two clicks. Simply hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click on 2 Target Projects. All Target Projects between the two selected, including the ones that were clicked on, will be selected.
    • Now when you click the right side of your mouse over any Target Project in the data table a small menu will be displayed.
    • We added the “Select All” button, which enables users to select all the entries in the data table with a single click.
    • We added the “Deselect All” button, which enables users to deselect all the entries currently selected by the user with a single click.
    • These changes will save users time and effort in managing their Target Projects.

    Software Release. Additional features in View Projects page in Targeting. These features include "Description"
  • Targeting Module: Keep variables when switching years. Previously, when users switched years, all previously selected variables would be wiped from the Basket of Variables. Now when users switch years, Polaris will keep the variables that our algorithms can confirm are compatible with the chosen year in the Variable List and Basket of Variables, ready to use for generating a Scorecard.
    Software release. Switching years in the Targeting module.
    Software release. Use historical data in Targeting (e.g. data from previous years)
  • Map Layers: Saving and Loading of saved POI files. Users are now able to save and load map layers that include previously saved POI files, as well as POI Filtered Layers from the Subscribed tab within the POI Panel in the Mapping Centre. This gives users further functionality and versatility with map layers, saving users time and effort.
    Software Release. Use POIs and AOIs in layered maps now

Substantial Enhancements!

  • Search function. We enhanced our search mechanism on the View Target Projects, Compare Catchments, and Select Heat Map Files page. Previously, there were some bugs searching for words/phrases with an apostrophe in Targeting module. Now searching any text with an apostrophe (e.g., Children’s) can be properly recognized and found.
    Software release. Better search functions.
  • Targeting: Selecting, deselecting existing Scorecard fixed. Previously selecting and deselecting existing scorecards could lead to multiple pop-ups in Polaris, and it was also possible to select some incompatible variables. Now both issues are fixed, streamlining the Targeting user experience.
  • Message optimization. Several messages and pop-ups on various Polaris pages have been reviewed and revised, to deliver more informative and concise messages to the user.

    Software release. Optimizing messages.
    Software release. Optimizing messages.