Release Notes October 1, 2021

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Release Notes October 1, 2021 New features, enhancements, and an improved user experience

The release this month introduces new features as well as several enhancements to streamline Polaris users’ experience! Paging buttons were introduced, as well as loading screens. We added the ability to select multiple items with two clicks, in several data tables throughout Polaris. Some pop-up messages were added to keep users informed of the processes of Polaris. We also introduced the ability to overwrite saved Layered Maps in this release.

New Features!

  • Paging Buttons:
    • Paging buttons have been implemented in several data tables in Polaris, such as View All Uploaded Files and View Customer Files.
    • By default, some data tables in Polaris will be limited to 10 items per page.
    • Paging options enable users to switch pages, show more entries per page, or show all entries within a single page.

    Software release. Paging buttons enable easier access.
  • Loading Screens. Loading screens prevent accidental clicks from interrupting the loading process. Users will no longer find themselves accidentally clicking on a different page while waiting for files to load. Such loading screens were implemented in the Trade Area Analysis, Mapping Centre, Targeting, and Analytical Models modules.

    Software release. Loading screen to prevent accidental misclicks.

  • Shift Select now possible. Previously users needed to individually select multiple checkboxes in order to select multiple items. Following this release, users can now simply press the “Shift” key and select 2 items to select all the items within that inclusive range. This feature was implemented in the following pages:
  • Targeting
    Software release. Hold shift and click with your mouse to select multiple items in our Targeting module.
  • Customize My Report
    Software release. Hold shift and click with your mouse to select multiple items in Customize My Report. E.g select different variables.
  • View All Uploaded Files
    Software release. Hold shift and click with your mouse to select multiple items. E.g. select different uploaded files

Substantial Enhancements!

  • Permissions updated. Certain features (share, edit, rename, delete) will only be accessible to the user that created the market. For example, users can no longer share a market that they did not create themselves. The original user that created the market is the only one permitted to share the market.


  • Message in Gravity Model. Within the Gravity Model, users are now notified when selected items such as trade areas or customer files are successfully saved, improving the user experience.
    Software release. Improved messaging for the gravity model.

  • Sort by Trade Area Type. We improved the filter mechanism in Manage My Favourites and users can sort their trade area files by type.
    Software release. Improved filtering for trade areas.
  • Overwrite existing Layered maps. Users will now be able to overwrite existing Layered Maps with newly made ones, enhancing the power of the user to customize their Layered Maps how they see fit.
    Software release. Ability to overwrite existing layered maps.