We Published A Research Paper!

Along with researchers at UBC and Sunnybrook Hospital, we are proud to announce the publishing of our latest research paper! One of the things that sets us apart is our consideration of spatial variation and locality. By keeping this in mind, we have recently become one of the first to publish a paper exploring spatial variations affecting the associations between adult CI incidence and sociodemographic factors. […]

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Why Do Media Agencies Use Polaris Intelligence?

Media agency meeting board room

“What I love about Polaris is that I can take the persona from customer profiling or segmentation to messaging and the creative, to finding the right media channel in the right markets at the right times to reach the persona!” -Judy, top ad agency
“We used to just pick major markets, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. I […]

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COVID Risk Score

Polaris COVID Risk Score matches Actual Toronto COVID Cases

What would you do differently or change if you knew that 10 of your stores were in neighbourhoods that have extremely high COVID case counts while 90 of your stores are in neighbourhoods that are largely unaffected? You can use our heat maps to allocate resources and plan your COVID-preparedness plan for all your stores, branches, or locations across Canada. Since March 2020, each phase of COVID has infected different groups […]

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COVID-19 Hotspots: Finding high risk populations using Polaris

Heat map of vulnerable populations to COVID-19 in St. Catharines outlined by the CMA of the town

COVID-19 is quickly spreading and impacting an alarming number of people that come from different walks of life. The demographics of confirmed cases indicate that some groups are much more vulnerable to the virus than others. How can we find the communities which are most at risk? Is the distribution of the most vulnerable groups to COVID-19 geographically even? We use Polaris to tackle these questions. […]

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